High quality Etosha Charcoal

Charcoal Advantages

Etosha Charcoal generates a slightly less intense heat than Etosha Triquettes or Etosha Briquettes. That means they’re ideal for cooking foods that need a little longer on the braai grid – like chicken. Get it right every time with Etosha Charcoal.

Longer-lasting Easy to light
High quality No artificial additives

Another perfect Etosha moment

Bird is the word with Etosha Charcoal. Avoid that disappointing ‘pink in the middle’ sensation at braais and ensure your chicken portions are cooked all the way through by relying on the steady, even heat generated by Etosha Charcoal.

Our Products

Etosha products are easy to find, thanks to our extensive network of stockists. Be sure to ask for them by name, because not all charcoals were created equal.