Firelighters Advantages

Why battle to get your braai started when you can simply use Etosha Firelighters? As long as you have a lighter or a box of matches to hand, you’re good to go. Simply place a few small pieces beneath your pyramid of charcoal, and light.

Instant flame Fewer pieces required
High quality Lasts longer

Another perfect Etosha moment

Even when it’s raining, you won’t catch us complaining. We didn’t name our firelighters ‘Rhino’ for nothing. They’re as tough as they are effective, and make getting your braai started easier than ever.  And because you only need a few small pieces, each box lasts and lasts.

Our Products

Etosha products are easy to find, thanks to our extensive network of stockists. Be sure to ask for them by name, because not all charcoals were created equal.