Triquettes Advantages

Triquettes are the result of years of research into what makes the perfect braai. We’ve designed them to be easy-to-use yet still give you outstanding results every time. If you’ve not tried Triquettes yet, you haven’t truly lived.

Longer-lasting Almost smokeless
Very hot coals Eco-friendly
No artificial additives Easy to light
Very little waste

Another perfect Etosha moment

Rare, medrerer ium-rare or well-done. Everyone has their own idea of the perfect steak, and with Etosha Triquettes you can get them just right. Seared on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside – it’s easy with Etosha.

Our Products

Etosha products are easy to find, thanks to our extensive network of stockists. Be sure to ask for them by name, because not all charcoals were created equal.