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Etosha hardwood charcoal is produced from intruder bush - invasive bushes and trees that are alien to Namibia. Intruder bush poses a severe threat to Namibia’s agriculture, game and tourism.

When you use quality Etosha products, you not only get an easy lighting, long burning result, but you help preserve our beautiful and precious African environment.


A group of friends enjoying a braai on the beach using Etosha braai products.

Why choose Etosha charcoal?

The answer is clear(ing)

Large areas of Namibian wilderness have been taken over by invader bush that crowds out indigenous plants. By converting it into Etosha charcoal, we’re giving nature a helping hand.

It’s bio-friendly

It’s a completely natural product – even the bag is biodegradable, with no plastic parts. There are no chemical ingredients, so you get to enjoy your food the way it’s meant to taste.

It keeps on giving

Once you’ve finished braaiing with Etosha charcoal, you can mix the cold ashes with fertiliser and add it to your garden to give your plants a welcome boost.

Our Products

Brand new look, same great Etosha quality

Look out for the full range of Etosha products in our distinctive paper bags. Our logo is your guarantee that you’re getting the best charcoal, and helping conservation at the same time.

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