Etosha is South Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of premium-quality charcoal.

Although we export our charcoal products worldwide, our roots are firmly in Namibia and South Africa. We’ve been able to build a business that not only allows people to experience the pleasure of cooking on coals, but also gives back to the environment. Namibia is being plagued by ‘invader bush’ – species of plant that don’t belong there, and are forcing out the native flora. The good news is that this invader bush makes superb charcoal. We’re clearing it as fast as we can, but we estimate that it will take another fifty years before the problem is solved. In the meantime, we use it to create our Etosha Triquettes, Etosha Briquettes and Etosha Charcoal. The braai is a cultural institution in South Africa – a shared experience that unites the wonderfully diverse people of our Rainbow Nation. At Etosha, we’re delighted to play our part in helping people enjoy the best of the outdoor lifestyle. Look for our products at supermarkets, convenience stores and butchers across South Africa and beyond.
The charcoal manufacturing process and packaging of Etosha braai products.

Our Mission

To provide great-value, world-class charcoal products with a low environmental footprint, and to enable more people to enjoy the braai lifestyle.

Our Vision

To completely clear Namibia of invader bush while adding enjoyment to our customers’ use of our products.

Our Products

Brand new look, same great Etosha quality

Look out for the full range of Etosha products in our distinctive paper bags. Our logo is your guarantee that you’re getting the best charcoal, and helping conservation at the same time.